The Boxes Evolution

Sometimes things change through time so slowly that you can hardly realize the difference one day to the other, but if, after certain period of time, you stop and look back how it was before, and how it is now, you might recognize a big difference.

Volviendo a las bases: El 2 contra 1

Nuestra mayor habilidad como entrenadores debería ser la de poder analizar en profundidad la complejidad del juego, siempre simplificándolo todo lo posible para nuestros jugadores.

Back to Basics: Mastering the 2v1

I really like this kind of subject since I feel that sometimes as coaches we like to make things look complex and that’s just to show ourselves. Our best skill as coaches should be to analyze in depth the complexity of the game, but make it look as simple as possible for our players.

¿Cómo recuperamos la bocha?

La idea de este post es explicar por qué NO DEBEMOS QUITAR, pero, en cambio, intentar forzar el error de los rivales. Compartimos algunas ideas y estadísticas de la selección de Bélgica en el último mundial. donde fueron campeones.

How do we recover the ball?

The idea of this post is to explain why WE SHOULD NOT TACKLE, but instead try to force a mistake from the opposition. We share some ideas but also stats on how the Belgium team recovered the ball in the last World Cup where they became Champions.

Estructura Defensiva Zonal P2: Canalización

Como dijimos en nuestro bloqueo inicial, idealmente, deberíamos intentar que la bocha no entre dentro de nuestra casa, buscando que los rivales jueguen hacia afuera, hacia las líneas, donde nosotros tenemos establecidas nuestras Zonas de Recuperación.

Zonal Defensive Structure P2: Chanelling

Now that we know the basics, we will go further, starting to establish how our structure will work when the ball starts moving, and what we have to do in order to get the ball where we want it: The established Recovery Zones.

Simplificando una Estructura Defensiva Zonal

Cuando perdemos la bocha, tenemos que defender para recuperarla. No me gusta que mis equipos corran y gasten energía defendiendo, es por eso que, es fundamental tener una buena estructura defensiva y debemos trabajar (mucho más) en ella.

Simplifying a Zonal Defensive Structure: Part 1

Unfortunately, when we lose the ball, we have to defend to get it back. As I am a very anxious guy, I want the ball back as quickly as possible to keep playing. I don’t like my teams running and wasting energy defending, that is why, having a good structure is really important, and we need to work (much more) on it.