How do we recover the ball?

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  1. It would be super interesting to see the zone percentage breakdown based on the type of recovery. So for instance, what’s the most common zone for the 1v1 recovery? Or even the reverse, what’s the percentage of 1v1 recoveries in the D compared to 2v1 and intercepts?

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      Thanks for your feedback James. You can see that on the right side, where you can see what percentage is made on each one of the zones.
      For example, in Z4, most of the recoveries come from 1v1. On the other hand, on the circle, most of them are interceptions!
      Hope it helps!

  2. Thanks for another fantastic article. From where do you get the match videos from that angle on top of goal ? Thanks.

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      1. Thanks but can’t find them from that vantage point on top of goal. I would appreciate if you could forward the link please.

        And please keep these articles coming.

  3. Very Nice. Some Nice stats. Indeed not throwing yourself and staying in front is the message.

    Again nicely done Javier. Very clear.

  4. I like the stats your have found here. However it would be really cool if you could quantify the effectiveness of each ball recover type per zone (the result of the recovery – Circle Entry/Goal Scoring Opportunity (And average quality of them)/Goal) I am an analyst myself and am always faced with the battle of delivering key, resounding and persuasive information to coaches. Takes so much time!!

    If you want me to help with some of this work, I’d love to help! I would like to show you some of the work I have done also, some inspiration for both of us maybe!

  5. Very informative! Something I’ve been trying to get the players in my team to understand for some time now. Thank you for your time and effort in collecting this data.

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