The Boxes Evolution

Sometimes things change through time so slowly that you can hardly realize the difference one day to the other, but if, after certain period of time, you stop and look back how it was before, and how it is now, you might recognize a big difference.

Back to Basics: Mastering the 2v1

I really like this kind of subject since I feel that sometimes as coaches we like to make things look complex and that’s just to show ourselves. Our best skill as coaches should be to analyze in depth the complexity of the game, but make it look as simple as possible for our players.

Deconstructing Game Mechanisms

New post from our friend Andreu Enrich. As always, worth the read! The present text emerges with the aim of bringing light to the famous dialectic between mechanisms and principles. These two concepts: mechanisms and principles often have been taking as antagonists, and we had high-performance coaches who were advocating for more mechanisms and other coaches who were in favour …

How to evolve “vision” in hockey, by Andreu Enrich

The following post was written by Andreu Enrich. Andreu is a former Spanish National Team player and actual coach of Athletic Terrassa women’s team. He is FIH Level 4 Coach and a good friend of us, always looking how to take hockey to the next level and sharing information with the rest! The present text aims to approach the crucial …