Estructura Defensiva Zonal P2: Canalización

Como dijimos en nuestro bloqueo inicial, idealmente, deberíamos intentar que la bocha no entre dentro de nuestra casa, buscando que los rivales jueguen hacia afuera, hacia las líneas, donde nosotros tenemos establecidas nuestras Zonas de Recuperación.

Zonal Defensive Structure P2: Chanelling

Now that we know the basics, we will go further, starting to establish how our structure will work when the ball starts moving, and what we have to do in order to get the ball where we want it: The established Recovery Zones.

What can we learn from Rugby?

Rugby is a sport in which the main objetive, every time a team has the ball, is too look for numerical superiority. The nice thing is that, with its structure, we can find some clear superiority concepts in Rugby, which can be easily transferred to hockey.

“From the chessboard to the field” by Andreu Enrich

In hockey, like in any other culture / field of knowledge, there are many concepts that are commonly used. Words that sound good and tend to fit well in any sentence. For example, in the Netherlands they use the word “energy” as one of these lexic jokers. You say something like “the energy was not good” or “great energy, guys” …