About us

CoachingHockey’s first post was August 27th, 2014. Back then it was a simple blog to post some ideas, only an experiment.

Through the years it has changed: some depth analysis with tactics or stats, or even explanations in short clips on instagram.

When I first started coaching I remember how hard it was to access hockey information, presentations, or even game footage from the tower view. Hockey knowledge was inaccesible for those who were just beginning, not part of higher level.

As years went by, I was lucky enough to get some great opportunities to access some privileged positions, coaching in different countries, different levels, while at the same time getting to know some amazing people who were happy to share their knowledge as well.

CoachingHockey’s mission is to connect the hockey community in order to promote knowledge exchange.

This means, sharing the information, but, at the same time, simplify it and make it accessible to all.

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